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Dr. Ulrich Pohlmann

„[...] On behalf of chancellor after date Dr. Helmut Kohl I thank you [...] for sending the DVD „Eine Europäische Sinfonie“ [of V. Studtrucker]. Mr. Dr. Kohl was very pleased.“

Hubert Steppan

Dear Mr. Studtrucker, [...] I think that your music is very accosting, and I like to call it meditative music that does not clame a certain space, but does master all rooms. The themes are floating in the universe

Dr. Helmut Kohl

„[...] I thank you sincerely for sending the CD [„Morgensinfonie“] [...]“

W.H.B. van Rossem

„[...] On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands I herewith confirm [...] proper recept of the CD „Morgensinfonie“ of Volkmar Studtrucker.

Dr. Guenther Beckstein

„Dear Mr. Studtrucker, [...] CD „Morgensinfonie“. I was very pleased about the gift that reminds me of the very impressful concert [...] .“

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Juergen Sachs

Dear Mr. Studtrucker, [...] your intention (how I read it) to compose music that is broadly comprehensible, pleasing but yet directed towards transmitting ideas (you call it „classical-poetic“)

Professor Dr. Gesine Schwan

„Dear Mr. Studtrucker, [...] reports about the premiere of the piano concert No I in the polish Mielec.


Nürnberger Nachrichten in November 2020

[…] The Piano player Volkmar Studtrucker and his Saxophone partner Markus Rießbeck, togehter they brouhgt the „Fantasia Mistica“

"Fänkischer Tag“ in May 2007

[...] The GEMA estimates the symphonies of Volkmar Studtrucker in the following way: „The themes show exceptional inspiration as well as their composary execution

TOPAZ MAGAZIN in Summer 2004

„The five pieces of the „Sinfinia del Diletto“ [from V. Studtrucker] came across as surprisingly light, gentle and intimate [...]. Each piece a jewel on its own ...

Nürnberger Nachrichten in May 2000

[...] The composer Volkmar Studtrucker, born in 1960 in Erlangen, Germany, is surprisingly dismissive of „modern“ music that has appeared over the last few decades.



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