Prof. Dr. Klaus-Juergen Sachs

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Juergen Sachs about Morgensinfonie

Dear Mr. Studtrucker, [...] your intention (how I read it) to compose music that is broadly comprehensible, pleasing but yet directed towards transmitting ideas (you call it „classical-poetic“), is completly congenial and is well reached, as I think. You keep staying in the fields of proofed ways of musical expression and stil by (consciously) dismissing every experimental, shocking and irritational aspect of the avant-gard, but you win there realy your own expression and stile [...] In “finding“ new onsets and impulses there your creative genius becomes obvious [...] The colourful way of composition and intsrumantation „carries“ [...] [...] The broad opening of specific art towards the popular – and the other way around! - is a fact of constant meaning as it seems. And within this developement a music obviously got its place that in many aspects does not negate its sympathy to what is already there, because it breakes free of the obsession ( that is broad since the middle of the 20th century) that art could only be legitimate, if it is radical new [...]

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