Audio examples

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„UnTorinese“ Opus XVIII, No. 1

Volkmar Studtrucker plays his seine composition „UnTorinese“ Opus XVIII, No. 1, Klavier solo. World premiere at the Herzogenaurach Culture Award Ceremony November 2018

Herbstvariationen, Opus 17 / Nr.3

Played and composed by Vokmar Studtrucker

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Eine Europäische Sinfonie, 8. Set Piano

8. Set "Andante" from "Eine Europäische Sinfonie" by Volkmar Studtrucker
Detail: Interpret Volkmar Studtrucker (Piano)

2. Satz Morgensinfonie

by Volkmar Studtrucker; Orchestra Wolfsberg Herzogenaurach; Conductor the composer

Sommer by V. Studtrucker

from "Four seasons" by Volkmar Studtrucker
Instruments: S. Freudenstein (violin); V. Studtrucker (piano)

Italienisches Konzert by J.S.Bach

BWV 971, 1. Set
Instruments: V. Studtrucker (piano)

Oase mit Pool by V. Studtrucker

by V. Studtrucker
played by Jazzformation "Triton"

Bluesrutenlauf by V. Studtrucker

by V. Studtrucker
played by Jazzformation "Triton"

Volkmar Studtrucker - „Eine Europäische Sinfonie“

Volkmar Studtrucker „Eine Europäische Sinfonie“ short clips of the performance in St Magdalena- Herzogenaurach 2006

Opus 17

by Volkmar Studtrucker;
A slide show to Opus 17 with the subjects of the piano variations about the Four seasons

Helle Freud entspringt dem Herzen

by Volmar Studtrucker; Orchestra Wolfsberg and Rubinchor (Herzogenaurach)

Novemberstimmung by V. Studtrucker

from "Jahresszenen" by Volkmar Studtrucker
Instruments: R. Baumann (clarinet); V. Studtrucker (piano)

Stürmisch by V. Studtrucker

by Volkmar Studtrucker
played by Nürnberger Symphoniker;  Conductor: R. Gröschel

Frank und Frei by V. Studtrucker

by V. Studtrucker
played by Jazzformation "Triton"

Melancholie by V. Studtrucker

by V. Studtrucker
played by Jazzformation "Triton"

Volkmar Studtrucker - „Weites Land“

Volkmar Studtrucker plays „Weites Land“ by Hubert Steppan

Audio examples of the project "X-Ray Hydra"

X-Ray Hydra original sequence

by V. Studtrucker

Composition complete track - Bossa I

Project X-Ray Hydra by V. Studtrucker

Here you can listen to audio examples of these compositions and to the original passages that were the starting points for the respective compositions.